Mike’s Story

K: This is an episode I was hoping Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould would produce and they didn’t let me down. I’ve always wanted to know how dark of a past Mike encountered after Breaking Bad. Going into this show, I knew he previously was a cop in Philadelphia and abruptly left the job to go to Albuquerque. Tonight, Vince let us in on the deeper story behind Mike Ehrmantraut. Opening the show with Mike covering up a bullet wound in his shoulder was a sign that danger was incoming. I’ve always enjoyed episode where the opening scene comes full circle by the ending to bring closure to the episode.

We got to witness Mike’s relationship with his daughter in-law and granddaughter Kaylee. Kaylee was featured in Breaking Bad and we knew that Mike had a close relationship with her and deeply cared about her. The time period of this episode was immediately after Mike moved to Albuquerque, which followed the murder of 2 Philadelphia cops. Soon enough, the show revealed that the opening bullet wound resulted from those 2 cops right before Mike murdered both of them. The reason Mike went to such actions to kill 2 fellow police officers was that those cops murdered his son before this incident. Philadelphia cops traveled all the way to New Mexico to question Mike about the murder and he brilliantly denied all accusations.

Jonathan Banks had quite a performance tonight and this is the version of Mike I think most people have been waiting to see on Better Call Saul. Everyone knows he’s a badass and tonight he certainly showed his badass qualities.

What did you guys think of Mike’s Story?

P.S. Saul in her brief appearance delivered the line of the episode. “Philadelphia….go Eagles.” As an Eagles fan, of course I would appreciate that.

2 thoughts on “Mike’s Story

    1. That was my favorite Mike scene before last night. I just rewatched it and it doesn’t directly relate to last night’s story, but indirectly it does. From the way he told the story, his half measure happened before he killed the 2 cops. So, using his no more half measure philosophy, he took a full measure with the 2 cops to get revenge for his son. That’s at least how I interpreted it.

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