Trouble with Russia

“Please, slit my wrists with his butter knife” – Frank Underwood

K: That quote was my favorite of several great Frank quotes in this episode. For some context, Frank was traveling on Air Force One and stopped to visit with a politician from Iowa. The last thing Frank wanted to engage in was campaign talk and ideas for funding projects for Iowa. Naturally, as the politician was eating his lobster, he brings up a food processing idea for the government to fund. Frank immediately stepped away to speak to the camera and uttered the quote above.

Now, onto the episode. Boy, a lot happened and happened quickly with multiple storylines unfolding at once. First off, Frank is becoming suspicious of Thomas, his writer for the America Works book. He invited him to sit at the front of Air Force One, but chose to stay with the rest of the press, where Kate Baldwin was sitting. Kate is the reporter I referred to in the last post when Thomas met her at a bar. While in flight, Frank is informed of an IED attack in the Jordan Valley, where Russia controls. With the peace agreement in danger now, Frank goes into panic mode to figure out who was the behind the attack. Claire, being the UN Ambassador for the United States does some investigating and spoke to the Russian contact in the UN. Unfortunately, her contact informs her that his brother is an FSB in Russia, who have been behind attacks in the past. He didn’t directly say his brother did, but he strongly implied that when he stated he hasn’t had contact with him in a week.

The storyline that took a stunning and sad turn was the Doug Stamper/Rachel Posner story relationship. Throughout the season, Doug has been trying to find her as she was the one who knocked unconscious and essentially out of a job. When his FBI contact returned results to Doug which included finger prints and a gruesome photo of what could be her dead body. This picture caused Doug to have flashbacks of various scenes from last season involving the two of them. This was the first time I realized how much he actually cared for Rachel. Doug spun out of control from there and went to a bar to get wasted. After leaving a voicemail with Frank’s staff member Seth informing him that “his mom died”, he was able to get a meeting with Frank to show him the picture and prints. Frank was able to see how far Doug has fallen and wants to help him with his alcoholism. ¬†Doug informed Frank that he had been working on Heather Dunbar’s campaign, which caused Frank to use political tactics and lash out at Heather for allowing an alcoholic to work. Obviously, this was his attempt to bring Doug back to his campaign team. Can’t wait for the next episode, just 4 more left!

What did you think of this episode?

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