High Tension

“If she goes after Claire I’ll slit her fucking throat in broad daylight.” – Frank Underwood

K: Another great episode of Frank quotes (the one above was spoken to the camera). This episode really dug into Frank and Claire’s deteriorating relationship and Frank’s desperate attempts to try to salvage what’s left. The quote above was uttered because Heather Dunbar told Frank she had Claire’s diary where she explained that she had an abortion. Claire has lied about this abortion in public and Dunbar wanted to expose her to help get ahead in the polls. Doug supplied her with the information, but never physically gave the diary to her. Frank panicked and called Claire to deliver the news, in which she demanded for him to fix it. After sending Meechum to find Doug and bring him to the White House for a meeting, the two of them discuss the problem. Doug showed Frank the diary and burned the page that discussed the abortion. When Doug asks Frank to be his Chief of Staff again, Frank asked him why should he trust him. Doug’s simple response was he just burned a page worth $2 million dollars (what Dunbar had offered Doug for the diary). Immediately Frank awards him the job and informs Claire later that night. She was furious that he didn’t discuss this with her before hiring him as she wasn’t sure if she should trust him. Its very clear that Frank’s decisions are made with his political power as first priority and family as second. This is setting up a very tense finale, where I’m sure their relationship will either reach a breaking point or magically tie back together. I’m leaning towards the first option.

The other storyline progressing was between Thomas and Kate. Thomas was fired by Frank after reading what he wrote about the relationship between Frank and Claire.  He wanted Kate to publish a story about this, but she surprisingly refused as she thinks its a conflict of interest. That didn’t make much sense since she’s already in a conflict of interest by sleeping with a source. I’ll be interested to see where that relationship heads next episode. I can’t wait to watch the finale and see where the direction will turn for Season 4.

What did you guys think of this episode?

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