End Times

“Without me, you are nothing!” – Frank Underwood

K: The finale of Season 3 of House of Cards was action packed and helped shape the future of the show. The primary event surrounding the finale was the Iowa Caucus for the 2016 Democratic nomination. With Frank and Claire’s relationship on thin ice, she remained in the White House while Frank was in Iowa. After agreeing to fly to Iowa to be at his side for his victory/concession speech, she suddenly changed her mind after Thomas Yates spoke to her about his book and her comments while she gave blood and passed out. Frank became furious when informed of the news and had to make his victory speech without the First Lady. Meanwhile, upon Frank’s return to Washington, the two of them tried to talk out their differences, which led to amazing scene by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. She wanted more influence and say in decisions and didn’t accept just being the First Lady. Frank lashed out at her for wanting more when she basically is at the top of the power chain. She said she wanted him to be more demanding. So he responded by saying “You are going to New Hampshire tomorrow for the campaign.” She agrees for a slight moment, but soon before departing she announces to Frank that she’s leaving him. It was quite a way to end the season and I can’t wait to see how the develop the story from here.

The other major storyline that tied up loose ends was the Doug and Rachel Posner saga. After ruthlessly hunting her down in New Mexico, he ties her up in his truck and threatens to kill her. But after Rachel convinces him that she felt terrible for hurting him in the past, proved that she changed her identity and explained to Doug that he’s not a bad person, he let her walk free. I was happy he didn’t go to the extreme lengths and kill her out in the desert. She was always a complicated character with good intentions, but carried severe baggage from her past. With the Rachel situation behind Doug, he is now more focused than ever on the President and his job as Chief of Staff.

So, going forward, what will happen with Claire? Will Doug remain stable or revert back to his unpredictable ways? Will Frank maintain his campaign and success without Claire? Many questions remain unanswered and hopefully Season 4 brings closure to most of these issues.

What did you guys think of the finale? The season as a whole?


2 thoughts on “End Times

  1. Season 3 slowly showed us the beginning of the downfall of Underwood and the beginning of the rise of Stamper. I believe Season 4 will be focussed on a clash between Frank and Claire. I also believe that Stamper will be a major player. In the last episode, Stamper did go to the extreme lengths and went “full measure” on Rachel. He may well apply the same methodology to Frank in Season 4.


    1. I can definitely see that happening for season 4. I loved Stamper’s role this season, he was great. I anticipate him being a major part of season 4 as well. If Claire was serious about leaving frank to end season 3, I’ll be curious how they develop that situation for season 4

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