End Times

“Without me, you are nothing!” – Frank Underwood K: The finale of Season 3 of House of Cards was action packed and helped shape the future of the show. The primary event surrounding the finale was the Iowa Caucus for the 2016 Democratic nomination. With Frank and Claire’s relationship on thin ice, she remained in […]

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High Tension

“If she goes after Claire I’ll slit her fucking throat in broad daylight.” – Frank Underwood K: Another great episode of Frank quotes (the one above was spoken to the camera). This episode really dug into Frank and Claire’s deteriorating relationship and Frank’s desperate attempts to try to salvage what’s left. The quote above was […]

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Every 7 Years

K: I will explain the title to this post towards the end as it was part of quite a stunning finish to this episode. The crux of this episode was the 1st Democratic Primary Debate in Iowa between Frank, Heather Dunbar and Jackie Sharp. Jackie has been working on Frank’s team for most of this […]

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The Jordan Valley

K: Trouble flies from every direction in this packed episode 10 of House of Cards. With the IED attack in the Jordan Valley killing 8 Russian soldiers, Frank believes the Russians were involved with the attack in order to sabotage the peacekeeping mission. Frank convinces the military to send a covert operation into the Jordan […]

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Trouble with Russia

“Please, slit my wrists with his butter knife” – Frank Underwood K: That quote was my favorite of several great Frank quotes in this episode. For some context, Frank was traveling on Air Force One and stopped to visit with a politician from Iowa. The last thing Frank wanted to engage in was campaign talk […]

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Picking Up Steam

K: Episode 7 of House of Cards is kind of a blur to me, so I skipped writing about that episode. However, after just finishing the 8th episode, I must say this show has found its previous magic. The writing and acting are just as good as the prior 2 seasons and the storyline is […]

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What are you Looking at?

K: Kevin Spacey’s running commentary to the camera is one of my favorite parts about House of Cards. Always providing something witty and even some secretive thoughts you would normally keep to yourself, it gives the show another element of dialogue that is unique to HOC. Most times I laugh during the show occur when […]

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Corruption Building

K: Ok, now we’re getting somewhere with Season 3. I’ve always found that the more desperate Frank Underwood becomes, the better the show gets. His desperation causes him to make typical corrupt political decisions to find any way possible to move an idea forward for the betterment of himself. Episode 5 provided some classic examples […]

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Power Struggle

K: Episode 4 of House of Cards had a few twists, but this season is still lacking the intensity of its previous 2. No stunning deaths (Zoe train murder in Season 2) and Frank hasn’t been quite as ruthless and backstabbing yet. I expect the latter to happen sooner than later. To an extent, he […]

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Drink Up

K: Episode 3 of House of Cards centered around the Russian President’s visit to The White House. And with any visit by a high power Russian, featured many stereotypical Russian things such as vodka shots, awkward music, douchey attitudes. The Russian President Petrov did everything he could to be like Vladimir Putin with the exception […]

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