Hate to Get Political

N: So as I said in the title I hate to go all political on you but I really wanted to bring something up. Recently there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the documentary India’s Daughter. For those who don’t know what the story is India’s Daughter is a BBC documentary about the gang rape […]

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Corruption Building

K: Ok, now we’re getting somewhere with Season 3. I’ve always found that the more desperate Frank Underwood becomes, the better the show gets. His desperation causes him to make typical corrupt political decisions to find any way possible to move an idea forward for the betterment of himself. Episode 5 provided some classic examples […]

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Power Struggle

K: Episode 4 of House of Cards had a few twists, but this season is still lacking the intensity of its previous 2. No stunning deaths (Zoe train murder in Season 2) and Frank hasn’t been quite as ruthless and backstabbing yet. I expect the latter to happen sooner than later. To an extent, he […]

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Drink Up

K: Episode 3 of House of Cards centered around the Russian President’s visit to The White House. And with any visit by a high power Russian, featured many stereotypical Russian things such as vodka shots, awkward music, douchey attitudes. The Russian President Petrov did everything he could to be like Vladimir Putin with the exception […]

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Alpine Shepard Boy

K: I always get curious when I see strange titles to Vince Gilligan’s episodes in Breaking Bad and now Better Call Saul. Last night’s title, “Alpine Shepard Boy” made no sense to me at first, but as always, the title makes perfect sense by the end of the episode. This episode explored how Jimmy saving […]

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Oh god this is such a hard post to write because there are so many movies that I love. 1.) Big Fish 2.) Blue Is The Warmest Color 3.) Amélie 4.) Pulp Fiction 5.) A Clockwork Orange 6.) The Intouchables 7.) The Secret In Their Eyes 8.) The Big Lebowski 9.) UP 10.) Good Will […]

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You are Entitled to Nothing

K: House of Cards provides so many good quotes throughout each episode, which makes coming up with a title for each post quite easy. Episode 2 provided many possibilities, but the one I chose I thought was the most powerful quote.  This episode provided some ground work for the rest of the season as the […]

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1 Month…we made it!

K: Today, February 26, 2015 marks 1 month Nura and I have been writing this blog. One day just over a month ago, Nura sent an innocent text stating she had a great idea for both of us. Not knowing what to expect, I was delighted to see that starting this blog was her idea. […]

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