#10 BIG FISH !

N: So we have decided to try something new. We decided that we will be telling you our top 10 favorite movies. Now, these movies are in no particular order. I had a hard enough time trying to narrow my favorite movies down to just 10. So lets begin! Big Fish: Directed by Tim Burton […]

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1 Month…we made it!

K: Today, February 26, 2015 marks 1 month Nura and I have been writing this blog. One day just over a month ago, Nura sent an innocent text stating she had a great idea for both of us. Not knowing what to expect, I was delighted to see that starting this blog was her idea. […]

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Fashion at the Oscars

As you all know the Oscars were on yesterday. Which means that it’s time to talk about all the lovely and not so lovely fashion we saw on the red carpet. Dakota Johnson in Saint Laurent I guess it is only fair to start with her since she was the first big person to walk […]

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Longest Treck/Movie Ever!

N: I’m not going to lie to you the only reason why I decided to watch this movie was because Reese Witherspoon was nominated for her role as Cheryl Strayed. For those who don’t know what Wild is about here is a very short recap of the movie. Cheryl (who is also the author of the book […]

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50 Shades of Garbage

So as many of you know the 50 Shades of Grey moving is coming out soon (I think it may have come out today…that shows how excited we are about the movie) and we feel like everyone is soooo excited to see it. The theaters around are completely sold out and we feel like every […]

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So Many Emotions!

N: Last night I finished watching Nightcrawler and I loved it! I am a bit upset that Jake Gyllenhaal wasn’t nominated for an Oscar for his performance as Lou Bloom. For all of you who have yet to watch this movie here is quick synopsis of what it is all about. Lou Bloom (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) […]

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N: So I wanted to take a break from talking about movies and talk about the fashion on the red carpets. Last night was the BAFTA awards and there was some amazing and not so amazing clothes on the red carpet. Lets look at my best and worst dressed of the night. Julianne Moore wearing […]

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